About Me


The house where I was born in 30th October 1966. My brother was born in hospital.
Me and my brother. My brother is on left.

I was born in Bhopal, India on 30th October 1966. It was government quarters, provided by Bharat Heavy Electrical Limited (BHEL), where I was born. BHEL was inaugurated by Jawahar Lal Nehru, the first prime minister of India, on 13th November 1964.

My mother had planted this tree on the next day of my birth.


Ananda Marga Primary School, Bhopal, India
A group photo of standard 5. I stand in the middle line, 3rd from right.

I joined Ananda Marg Primary School, located at Govindpura, Bhopal. The school was at the distance of about 1 km from our house. Now I have only one school group photograph that reminds me of those early days. The photo was taken when I was a student of standard five, I think.


Mahatma Gandhi Higher Secondary School, Bhopal, India.

I joined Mahatma Gandhi Higher Secondary School and this school was about 12 km away from our residence. I had a Hero bicycle to go to school. I have had beautiful memories associated with this school. I had many friends then but now, unfortunately I don’t know anyone of them. I always try to find them on facebook, but until now I have not been successful to find anyone of them.

I continued my study in this school and in 1985; I completed my Higher Secondary School examination in second division.


My first college, Career College, Bhopal, India.
Hamidia Arts, Commerce & Law College, Bhopal, India. From this college I did complete my Master’s Degree in Economics in 1990.
This is a bust of Swami Vivekananda, located at the main entrance of the college.

Soon after completing Higher Secondary School Certificate examination, I joined Career College, Bhopal. I took commerce and I became a B.com student.

I passed B.com first year but for 2nd and 3rd year studies I chose Hamidia Arts, Commerce & Law College. From this college I completed my Master’s Degree in Economics in 1991.


KAI SHIEN KAN SHITO RYU KARATE SCHOOL, Bhopal, India. I am in the middle row, 3rd standing from right.
Taking a photograph with the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh…I had won a silver medal in the 1st INTERNATIONAL GICHIN CUP KARATE TOURNAMENT held at Talkatora Indoor stadium, New Delhi, India (1986). I am 1st from left.

I was then a student of standard 10 when a karate bug bit me…the name of that bug was Bruce Lee’s Enter the Dragon. After watching that movie, an intense desire to become one like Bruce Lee kicked in me.

Within a few days, I was seen in Kai Shien Kan Shito Ryu Karate School, Bhopal. Vinay Thawait was our Karate teacher, who was then Black Belt 7th Dan.

I practiced karate at this school for a couple of years and took part in several karate competitions. I won some medals as well. One of the major championships, which I participated was 1st Gichin Cup Karate Championship. This tournament was held at Tal Katora Indoor stadium in Delhi.

I managed to win a silver medal in this competition. Our winning team was called by the Chief Minister and we had a group photo taken.


Nepal is my ancestral homeland. My father had walked all the way from his village to Batauli (Butwal) in 7 days. From Butwal, he traveled up to Kunaghat and there he was recruited in the Gurkha Regiments. I was always much curious to see my village and meeting the people out there. 

I had visited Nepal with the intention of seeing the land of my ancestors   and spending some time with the people and returning to Bhopal.

After spending some time in the villages, I went to Kathmandu. I roamed a few days here and there then decided to get a degree in English Literature from Tribhuban University, Kathmandu. I paid all the fees and joined the college as a regular student.

Next year I got a job in a school in Pokhara and I decided to go to Pokhara. This way my dream of getting a Master’s degree in English Literature could never be materialized.


Working as a freelance writer and a Travel Blogger

Over the last one decade, I have been actively working as a writer, journalist and travel Blogger. I devote most of my time for traveling, writing, editing, photography and answering the emails. 


All my published books are available in paperback and ebook on amazon.com. The following books can be purchased from any part of the world from amazon.com.

1. The Pokhara Valley: A Traveler’s Guide, Published by Nirala Publications, Delhi, India.

2. Pokhara and Annapurnas: Published by Himalayan Maphouse, Kathmandu, Nepal.

3. The Quest of a Dead Man (a novel) published by amazon.com

4. Gems of Nepali Literature (literature) published by Mandala Book, Pokhara, Nepal

5. Jailed in Lebanon ( a novel) published by amazon.com

6. Bhopal Gas Tragedy: A Survivor’s Tale (a memoir), published by amazon.com

7. Sold to Brothel: A True Story of Two Nepali sisters, published by amazon.com

8. Soldier (a short story), published by amazon.com

9. Great Scientists: Published by Universal Publication, Kathmandu, Nepal

10. An introduction to Economics: Published by Vidhyarthi Publications, Kathmandu, Nepal


I have already spent about two decades working for several newspapers and magazines in Nepal. It has been for over 14 years I have been writing for The Rising Nepal. I am also a regular contributor to Hospitality, Food & Wine Magazine, publishing from Kathmandu, Nepal.