From 1975 to 1990 Lebanon was involved in hostility, bloodshed and war. It cost many innocent lives and the loss of property was beyond imagination. The war was so intense and disastrous that, it took lives of hundreds of thousands of people and many of them maimed for life. By the time warring factions realized that the war would not bring peace; they agreed for talks and eventually peace established.

History is witness that wars invariably failed to resolve problems in the world. War has only aggravated the situations from bad to worse.

War had reduced Lebanon to rubble. Photo: Lebanon Tourism Ministry
Almost all roads in Beirut were damaged by heavy bombarding. Photo: Lebanon Tourism Ministry
Dany Haber, a local resident of Beirut, Lebanon, is with his wife and daughter. Photo: LB Thapa

I lived in Lebanon for a few years. During my stay in Lebanon, I interacted with the people from different walks of life. I tried to understand their culture, tradition and lifestyle. I found Lebanese people extremely friendly and they always welcome tourists. Traveling to Lebanon is completely safe and it is full of excitement.     

While my stay in Lebanon, I was lucky enough to make a local Lebanese my very close friend. His name was Dany Haber, a Christian; he could speak French, Arab and English fluently. Dany Haber and his family like many other families had bitter experience of life and death in Lebanon.

While speaking with this blogger, Dany Haber recalled the past and said, “The civil war had destroyed many families in Lebanon among them my family was one. When war reached to our village, my father moved to Ashrafieh, an Eastern part of Beirut, seeking safety and security among his men. We have experienced war like no other people in the world. We have lost most of our dearest ones forever and spent endless nights without food and water”.

However, now Lebanese people have ditched their ugly past and moved ahead on the path of development. They may have some discontentment among the political groups, despite all odds; the country is heading towards prosperity.

I traveled most part of the country and met with the people of different quarters. Utilizing my experience in Lebanon, I even wrote a novel based on Lebanon. The novel, JAILED IN LEBANON, has been published by Interested readers can purchase the book from  

Today things have completely changed in Lebanon. Christians and Muslims live side by side with no animosity against each other. They are united, live in peace & harmony and the country is doing well almost in every sector.

The blogger wrote this book while staying in Lebanon.

“In brief, Lebanon is moving ahead with economic development. Then, what is the problem? Who are the people responsible to create instability in this beautiful country? Well, its answer is very simple. The troublemakers are neither Muslims nor Christians of Lebanon; they are outsiders”, opined Dany Haber.

Dany is right when he says that the real troublemakers are not the people inside the country but they are always the outsiders. Many troubles we see in the world today have been caused by outsiders. The seed of crisis are sown by the outsiders and later the plants are nourished by hatred, and retribution. In conclusion, no country can make progress without long lasting peace in the country.

The Lebanese people both Muslims and Christians live side by side and they have no problem with each other at all. It is their cooperation and hard work that the country has achieved a degree of prosperity in a short span of time. In 1990 when war ended, the country had already been reduced to rubbles. Thereafter the country rose to this height of success. Other countries can also take a lesson from the example of Lebanon.

I met many Lebanese on the street, schools and colleges; they look committed to fight off external forces. These outside forces want to disrupt Lebanon’s hard-earned peace and harmony. The world should understand the fact that the Lebanon of today is rather much stronger and their strength is not their weapons, but the trust Lebanese Muslims and Christians repose in each other.

From politicians to commoners, everyone must understand their part of role to play in making the country, because a country is made by its people. And this is the lesson we can learn from the people of Lebanon.

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The author stands beside the Indian rescue battle ship at the Beirut port


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