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Welcome to my blog. My name is LB Thapa and I’m a travel blogger. I am very glad that you have found my travel blog. I will be more than happy if I can help you to make your visit to Nepal enjoyable, comfortable and memorable.

My travel blog is, to some extent, different from other travel blogs. If you visit other travel blogs, the first thing you will notice in those blogs that how many countries they have travelled; how many days they have spent without home; how they quit their day job to travel and so on.

I will not tell you that how many countries I have travelled or how I quit my day job to travel, or how long I have been without a home. I will not tell you all this and that.

However, I still call myself a travel blogger like many other travel bloggers. My philosophy of travel blogging is different.

As you read further you will understand my way of travelling…it is simple and yet useful for many travelers to Nepal.


Yes, the focus of this blog is of course on Nepal. If you have planned to visit Nepal then I’m sure you will find many useful information in this travel bog.

My main purpose of writing this travel blog is to provide sufficient information about Nepal. This travel blog is for those travelers, who want to explore this beautiful, Himalayan country.


Before you visit Nepal, you should plan what you want to see and experience in Nepal. In this travel blog, I have highlighted some subjects with special attention.


Nepal has earned a huge name for trekking, because diversity of trekking has put Nepal on the highest pedestal. Such diversity of trekking cannot be found in any other places in the world.

The interesting thing about the trekking in Nepal is availability of several trekking destinations, which are suitable for the people of all ages and physical strength. Nepal offers various trekking options before the trekkers.  

I will write more articles about Trekking in Nepal with practical inputs. How will these articles be different from other articles? First, I regularly update information. Second, you can ask me any question related to these places and I will answer you immediately. Whenever it is necessary, I use available resources and get latest information for you. It may take little time but you will definitely get your answer.


I’m a regular cyclist myself. You can find amazing cycling destinations in Nepal. Based on my own cycling experience, I have written a book about the cycling in Nepal. The book will be published very soon.

In the book, I have almost covered all popular cycling destinations. This book can be very useful for those tourists who have interest in cycling in Nepal.  

In my blog, you can find many articles related to professional and amateur cycling. You can also ask me any questions related to cycling. I will answer your question at the earliest.

Moreover, I have written about professional cyclists of Nepal. Most of them are available and if you wish, you can go for cycle with them.


If you are traveling on budget then you will find plenty of information in this blog. I will let you know where you should eat, stay and how you should travel in Nepal. I can tell you all this because I regularly visit these places and keep information up-to-date.

Almost every town and city has some places where quality foods are available at a very reasonable price, but the visitors are unknown about these places and it is true for hotels and guesthouses as well. There are many good hotels and restaurants, which offer the best services at a very reasonable price.

I will tell you about these places so that you can save money and get the best services at reasonable price.

If you are in a Nepali town and want to shift to a cheap and best hotel/guesthouse, I can help you by advising nearby places. Some information related to this subject can be obtained from my articles; or the best way is by asking me directly.


In the past, there were a few homestay in Nepal, but in recent time many homestay have come into existence across the country. Not all homestay are as good as they advertise. This is true. I don’t want you to go to a homestay, spend your money and get nothing. In my article, you will find detailed reviews about all known and unknown homestay in the country.

If you want more information about the homestay in Nepal, please feel free to write me. I will answer your questions.


Nepal is not a fertile land for part time job seeking foreigners. However, there are certain jobs, which are suitable for foreigners.

If you are interested in part time job, then I can help you where you can find them. I have written an article where I have mentioned how foreigners can find part time job in Nepal. If you want to know more, then you can write me directly. I will not only answer your questions but also help you to find a part time job.

Once again, I repeat, all my services are free. Being a travel blogger myself, I just want to help you to make your visit to Nepal bit comfortable. Being a local travel blogger, at least this much I can do for you.   


There are certain places in Nepal where foreigners are sought as volunteers. I have good contact with some of them. If you are interested to work as a volunteer then I can be of your little help.

You can find articles in this blog where I have mentioned where volunteers are sought. If you want to know more information about the subject then you can ask me any questions. 

Keep on reading this travel blog and at the same time feel free to ask me any questions you want.

Have a nice visit to Nepal.

LB Thapa, blogger

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