Holi may bring excitement to some, but for many it merely brings panic and horror…especially for young girls and women


Fagu Purnima or Holi is the celebration of colors. The celebration of Holi reminds that how even almighty God’s boon failed to protect Holica, whose intention was laced with malice. This is what the story about Holica.

Holica was blessed with a boon that no fire could harm her. In order to kill Prahlad, Holica agreed to take the boy with her into the blazing fire. She was sure the fire would not burn her as the boon had made her immune to fire. Holica sat on the piles of wood and a fire was lit. When the fire was subsided, to everyone’s surprise, Holica was nowhere to be seen. She had already been reduced to ashes, whereas Prahalad survived the ordeal unscathed.

So, the festival of Holi has a great message to deliver. The message is obvious. Every one of us should have a benevolent heart, filled with compassion and respect. But unfortunately, the way this great festival is celebrated is rather appalling.

Nothing is hidden from us that how Holi is celebrated across the country. Holi may bring excitement to some, but for many it merely brings panic and horror…especially for young girls and women. Not only young girls and women, but all pedestrians would not like to come out of their houses unless it is urgent. The street is ruled by hooligans who are not going to spare anyone within the range of their projectiles. All balloons are filled with mud and dirty water to be pelted over pedestrians.

Unfortunately, such unpopular trend is on the rise during the occasion of Holi. Wayward boys can be seen high on marijuana or alcohol and ride their bikes recklessly. Since no legal action is taken against such unscrupulous people, they simply go berserk. Has only the administration taken this matter with due attention, no one would have dared to harm others just in the name of Holi.

Sometimes balloons loaded with mud and dirty water can be unbelievably hazardous if landed on head and face. There are incidences sporadically reported in different parts of the country, where women and elderly people collapsed after receiving a hard hit on their heads. The impact of the balloons is so severe that the pain remains for several days.

Young girls should think twice before they come out of their houses. Balloons begin showering over them from all directions, without caring about the degree of injury they might receive. How sad to note that there are some people in the society, who seek pleasure after inflicting pain on others. Do such people like to be treated in the same manner? Do they like to be hit with such awful balloons loaded with stinking mud and water? Definitely not! If it is so then they should stop carrying out such filthy practice right from this Holi.

Moreover, before Holi is made unholy, administration must come out to protect innocent pedestrians. Those people caught hurling balloons at passersby should be asked to clean street for a week as punishment.

Holi is really a very lively festival. In fact, Holi is the other name of colors. Who doesn’t want to play with colors? Leave alone young ones even elderly people would like to take part in the festival with gusto. It would be very good if the festival of Holi is celebrated with colors, tinged with delight. Literally, the festival of Holi fills life with colors. Let’s celebrate Holi with all its aesthetic value. Let’s welcome people with color in hand and a smile on the face, because this is the festival of Holi.

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  1. Elisa Gurung, Kathmandu Reply

    Very nice article I have ever read about Holi. Nice analysis. Thanks for writing such a nice article.

  2. Hogen Chang, China Reply

    I had spent a few days in India and China and I really enjoyed Holi, but your analysis is very correct.

  3. Asmita Tiwari, Kathmandu Reply

    Nice article. Every word written here is true. Thanks to you for writing an eye-opening article about Holi.

  4. Nikita Hirani, Delhi, India Reply

    Hi, Mr. Travel Blogger I am Nikita Hirani from Delhi. I regularly read your articles on this website. I found you are an honest blogger that’s why I follow you. Keep on doing good work.

    Like many other articles I also enjoyed this article about Holi. You have raised some very serious issues.

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