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This travel blogger was so lucky to be the part of a great cultural show where hundreds of thousands of indigenous people of Nepal took part in a parade in Pokhara, Nepal.

Actually, I was not aware of such a large procession of indigenous people to be held. It was such a wonderful coincidence that when I reached Chipledhunga the procession was passing through the main road.

The entire traffic was diverted to other directions so that the procession could walk freely on the road. In fact, I was not prepared for such a grand event; anyway, I swung into action to capture the whole event.   

The procession was so long that I had to run across the length and breadth of the road to capture them in my lens. In the end, I was more than happy because I could capture as many photos as possible.

When I looked those photos, they were brilliant. You are about to see those great pictures below this article.

A large number of ethnic people had been clad in bright, colorful costumes and walked on the road. Many of them were dancing in the fine tune of traditional songs.

All these indigenous people had joined to march on the road to display their proud cultures and traditions together. Previously, many of them would display their cultures and traditions separately. But this time all indigenous people had been united to display their rich cultures and traditions together.

Some indigenous people sat on the minivan where they displayed their village lifestyle by displaying agriculture tools, farming equipment and hunting weapons.

After watching these photos you can understand how stunning the whole procession was.    


It is believed that of Nepal’s total population about 35.81% are those of indigenous people. Though indigenous people are large in numbers, they are marginalized in term to language, culture, politics and economic opportunities.

According to the 2011 census, there are 126 castes and ethnic groups live in Nepal who speak as many as 123 languages.

Indigenous people live across the country and out of 75 districts, in 27 districts they live in majority. Majority of indigenous people live in far-flung areas of the country where they make a living on traditional farming.

Among the indigenous people, Rautes are nomads. These people never live in one place more than four to six months. Rautes are always on the move for a better place where they can get better resources suitable for them. However, Chepang and Bankariya prefer to live in forest.

The new constitution of Nepal does promote cultural diversity and safeguarding the rights of indigenous people.

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Photo: LB Thapa
Photo: LB Thapa
Photo: LB Thapa
Photo: LB Thapa
Photo: LB Thapa
LB Thapa, the blogger


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  1. Palbinder Singh, Amritsar, India Reply

    i had been to Pokhara in 2010. Pokhara is the best place in Nepal to live in. I found Pokhara like Dehradoon. Beautiful photos and good information.

  2. Roshan Dwadi, Butwal, Nepal Reply

    Beautiful photos. I regularly visit this site. There are many good articles.

  3. Martini Philatima, Italy Reply

    i had stayed in Pokhara for one month. I did trekking around the Annapurnas and stayed in Pokhara, volunteering in a government funded school.
    Once I was in Mahendrapool and there I saw many tribal people parading onto the road.
    Well, I am new to this site. Let me read more then I will make even more comments. For now this much.

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