The art and science of stone sculpture is ancient but stone art is a modern practice. In recent years, stone art has gained much popularity in many countries in Europe and some Asian countries.

Interestingly enough this art has yet not made its entry to Nepal, but seeing its growing popularity in the world it seems that sooner or later the stone art will prevail in Nepal as well.

I can say this because two Pokhareli brothers have taken stone art as their profession.

Photo: LB Thapa
Photo: LB Thapa
Photo: LB Thapa
Photo: LB Thapa
Photo: LB Thapa
Stone Artist: Duo brothers Rizon GC (left) and Jiwan GC. Photo: LB Thapa

“Actually we lost our father when he was only 45-year old and we two brothers were at loss as to what to do. On top, there were many people, who wanted us broke, sell our house and even leave Pokhara. Literarily speaking, there were no one to commiserate with our pain and sorrow. In a situation like this, being the eldest son in the family, I decided to take family responsibility in my hands”, said Jiwan GC solemnly.

Two young brothers Jiwan GC, elder brother and Rizon GC, younger brother look no more than ordinary young men of their age do, but the kind of stone art they have produced does make them special.

While speaking with these two brothers they revealed the fact that at present they are the only people in Nepal who have taken up stone art professionally.

“Ever since I was a small boy I had tremendous interest in collecting various sizes of rocks. It was my childhood hobby. After then I would color them and place those pebbles in proper order. In the beginning my parents did not like me to bring pebbles at home, but later when they saw my art they began appreciating my talent”, said Jiwan with a broad smile on his face.

After the untimely demise of their father, Jiwan had family pressure to go abroad and help the family financially. After much consideration, Jiwan chose not to go abroad but to take up stone art as a profession. He then discussed the matter with Rizon GC, his younger brother. Jiwan wanted to know what his younger brother would think about his decision of taking up stone art as a profession.

Jiwan’s happiness knew no bound when he received highly encouraging response from his young brother. His brother did not only like the idea but even he showed keen interest in the stone art.

“Had I not received my brother’s support, I would have never been successful in my profession for sure. Today, my brother does not only support me, but he can work independently as he is so creative that some of his creations are excellent. Now, we two brothers work in tandem”, said Jiwan.

At present Jiwan is doing well as more people visit his shop and univocally appreciate his skill of stone art. However, Jiwan wants to take his art to a higher level. Until now, Jiwan is creating all stone art without any training or guidance.

“One day my younger brother advised me to go to Kathmandu and find a shop or institute where I could receive a training to hone my skill. So, I went to Kathmandu and spent several days to find a place where I could learn the art, but all my efforts turned futile as I could not find any shop or institute where stone art was taught. Forget about teaching the art, I could not even find a single shop in Kathmandu where anyone selling stone art”, said Jiwan with a big surprise on his face.

After knowing the fact that there was no one who could guide him, he decided to do it his own way. He spent hours on internet and watched carefully how stone art experts do their trade.

“Most of the stone art you can see in my shop are entirely made by we two brothers. However, we also take little inspiration from internet. Anyway, we are enthusiastic and also optimistic about the success of our business”, said duo brothers confidently.

His shop ‘Stone Art & Water Fountain’ is located at New Road, Pokhara. Perhaps this is the only shop in Nepal where these two brothers are involved in making breathtaking stone art of high quality.

When asked about necessary raw materials for making of stone art, they said, “We need specific types of rocks, pebbles, wires, wooden and plastic pieces, colors, cardboard, frames and most especially a unique type of super gum. Except rocks and pebbles we have to purchase everything”.

Every visitor to their shop spend hours looking at different stone art and end up purchasing one or two. “At this time we have many stone art available in different shapes and sizes. They cost from Rs.3000 to Rs.50,000. Actually, price of a stone art depends on labor, time and materials. Some stone art are very complicated, as they need high degree of concentration and unique color combination”.

In the beginning, these duo brothers made stone art what they liked. But nowadays they make stone art as per customer’s demand.

“Although we have made all kinds of stone art and displayed them at our shop, however, we are getting more orders from our customers to make stone art as they like. Most of the expensive stone art we are making nowadays have been ordered by our customers. Only a few big size stone art we make to display. Sometimes it also happens when we spend a lot of time and hard work on a particular stone art, but it fails to attract customer’s attention”, said duo brothers.   

At a time when many Nepali youths look for the gulf countries to find a greener pasture, if they have little creativity and ready to put hard work and commitment to take up stone art, I’m sure many Nepali youths don’t have to risk their lives in the gulf countries. They can make a decent livelihood at home from stone art. 

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