Rajesh Magar, a 21-year old self-taught professional mountain biker has surprised the world by emerging as one of the fastest Asian mountain bikers from Nepal.

It is a much appreciable work of NatGeo to honor the incredible mountain bikers of the world, who are the best among the best. These bikers are simply amazing and can do different with their mountain bikes. Control and stamina are inseparable parts in mountain biking. If huge amount of stamina is required for uphill, at the same time acute skill and control are required for downhill.

NatGeo was working closely with several professional sports photographers, writers, documentary filmmakers, athletes and senior mountain bikers to collect enough information and helping them to decide heroes of the mountain bikes. A responsible group of National Geographic Adventure staff further scrutinized the long list of the potential mountain bikers and single out eight honorees.

Photo: NetGeo
Photo: NetGeo

This was a long and difficult process when there are so many ardent mountain bikers across the world where one is better than the other. After analyzing different aspects of the professional ability of the bikers, the NatGeo’s expert team made a final list of the honorees.

Finally, NatGeo team narrowed down the numbers to only eight super human mountain bikers. And most interestingly and very unlikely one name popped up and he was none other than Rajesh Magar, a professional mountain bike rider from Nepal. It is really a pleasant surprise for the mountain bikers as well as all the Nepalese people.

Over the last one decade, Nepal has attracted many professional mountain bikers. Difficult Mountain and Himalayan terrains provide a unique opportunity for bikers to test their stamina and skill. Biking on the high altitude is only possible in Nepal. This is the reason why many foreign mountain bikers come to Nepal and hone their skill.    

Nowadays, bikers maneuvering skills have made mountain biking even more advanced and highly diversified. One part of mountain biking is hardcore sport, which is continuously becoming popular among the young and energetic mountain bikers across the world.

In the genera of Hardcore cycling where speed and control is essential, Rajesh Magar has proved himself worthy for the title of World’s top 8 fastest mountain bikers. Now Rajesh Magar has been crowned with the title of the fastest mountain bikers of Asia.  

Rajesh Magar had a turbulent childhood. As a kid, he had intense interest to ride bicycle but poor financial condition barred his parents to fulfill his demand. As he grew older, he started borrowing his friends’ bicycles and go for a ride. He used to do it until one day his mother brought an old bicycle from her employer’s house.  

Rajesh Magar had started showing early promises as he could do amazing tricks with his mountain bike. Later, he modified ordinary type of mountain bike and developed into a robust racing bike that he named ‘Franken-bike’.

Practice makes perfect. Believing in the proverb, Rajesh started practicing at any place and at any time. Gradually he inclined to extreme riding that demands both stamina and super control. It takes years of practice to develop stamina and control necessary for mountain bikers.

“I think I am born for extreme riding because the moment I mount on the mountain bike and hold the handle then I cannot stop myself. Everything begins happening itself beyond my control” said Rajesh Magar while in an interview.

Without doubt, Rajesh Magar has already become an excellent mountain biker. It should not be a big surprise if he becomes number one mountain biker of the world in future. It is simply because he deserves all this and even more.   

“Rajesh Magar is not only a fast mountain biker, but at the same time his control and agility are awesome”, said Joey Schusler, who himself is a mountain biker and famous filmmaker.

Rajesh Magar’s parents were from Solukhumbu. They migrated to Kathmandu and Rajesh was raised in Kathmandu. Coming from a humble family background of bricklayer, Rajesh grew helping his father in bricklaying.

At his boyhood, Rajesh demanded a mountain bike to his parents but they could only give assurances not more than that. Rajesh wanted to have a mountain bike of his own, but his dream to have one could not fulfill for a long time until one day his mother’s employer donated him a BMX bike.

He practiced with BMX for about year after then he began collecting money to buy a better mountain bike, which he could use for extreme riding. Rajesh could finally purchase a perfect mountain bike with his saving and little from his parents and relatives.

Even the perfect mountain bike could not satisfy Rajesh Magar. He was not satisfied with the designs of many mountain bikes. He then decided to modify his mountain bike. He collected some spare parts of different mountain bikes. A few parts he even borrowed from motorcycle…then followed cutting, welding and adjusting process.

He adjusted the head angle but replaced the sprocket that he was not happy with. After then he fitted quality cranks on his mount bike and this way a new kind of mountain bike was ready. He named it ‘Franken-bike. Rajesh Magar spent several months practicing on his Franken-bike and prepared himself for the racing competition.


He took part in Nepal National Championship in 2013. Self taught Rajesh rode well and managed to get sixth position. This competition was very important to Rajesh in many senses. The first thing he noticed that he came face to face with other mountain bikers. He could compare his skills with other riders that helped him to do better than before.

Thereafter Rajesh Magar did participate in several mountain bike competitions and each time he improved his performance. A turning point in the life of Rajesh Magar came when Mandil Pradhan, a mountain bike rider and bike distributor came out to help Rajesh.

“I decided to help this young boy because the boy had talent. I was sure he would take mountain bike to a greater level. And today I am proved right when NatGeo honored with the title of the fasted racer of Asia. Rajesh has proved me right,” said Pradhan.

Pradhan provided Rajesh Magar a brand new mountain bike and encouraged him to participate in competitions. Over the years, Rajesh accelerated better and better. Pradhan offered a job to Rajesh that solved his financial uncertainty.

A secured job, a mentor like Pradhan and the luxury of using the best quality mountain bike made Rajesh to grab many successes in his life. He won his third consecutive National title. Several other titles he pocketed from India, Singapore, Thailand and China.     

Rajesh Magar is a rising star of Asia and he has made all Nepali proud of him. His hard work and dedication to the mountain biking have made him a force to be reckoned with.

As I wrote before my cycle is my best friend because it takes me where i want to go…and i don’t have to fill petrol.


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