Diabetes has earned a bad reputation for its devastating effects. It is said about diabetes that it opens the door of many other diseases including heart and kidney.

Type two diabetes is very common among the people who are over 40 years of age.

Actually today, I am not going to write about diabetes, in fact I am not a doctor I am a travel blogger. But today I am going to write about a person who defeated his type 2 diabetes and now he is perfectly normal, free from diabetes.

I think it is interesting to know how he became successful to reverse his type 2 diabetes. Let’s meet the person and know from him. 

The other day I was waiting for Lok Dai on the bank of Fewa Lake. He had given me time to meet there. After a little while, Lok Dai got down from his mountain bike and shook his hand with me.

He is a young man at his 53, or may be much younger than any other young men. Photo: Tirtha Awasthi
Even at his 53, he is as fit as a young man. Photo: Tirtha Awasthy

He appeared to be very happy and cheerful. When I asked him about the secret of his happiness, he said, “I am happy because I expect nothing from others. Problems begin the moment we start expecting from others. Another cause of unhappiness is ‘dissatisfaction’. Nowadays people are not satisfied with what they have. They want more and more and this attitude lead to the state of melancholy,” said Lok Dai with a smile.  

Actually, I wanted to have some normal chat with him before taking him to the subject matter. I just asked him about his died and day-to-day lifestyle. He spoke frankly.  

Lok Dai is a strict vegetarian. However, he was not a vegetarian earlier but one day he took a pledge not to eat flesh. “I have decided not to dump dead animals into my stomach, because god has not made us to eat flesh. There are animals with canines to do this job. I have realized that flesh eating lead us to bad health and loss of morality. Flesh eaters are more aggressive and therefore they will never receive spiritual calling,” opined he.

After a little bit off topic talks, I came to the main point and it was how he defeated his type 2 diabetes.

For a few days, he felt unquenchable thirst. He would take bottles of water but his thirst was not satiated. He went to a doctor and he was diagnosed with high level of blood sugar. He sank into the state of melancholy and was at a loss as to what to do.

He took doctor’s medicines for full three years but no avail. Then one day he packed all medicines and threw into the Seti River and went Lake Side and purchased a brand new Mountain bike.

“I regularly do cycling in the morning and in the evening. In six months, I noticed that my sugar level has become normal. Now I am perfectly normal and I live a happy life. For me my bicycle is more like a god because it gave me health. I love my bicycle so much that I want to paddle until I draw my last breath. My bicycle is everything for me. I love my bicycle more than anything in my life,” said Lok Dai with a flicker of smile on his face.

Many people may not believe but it is true that active cycling has the ability to cure diabetes. Allopathic medicines can only put a tab on the growth of diabetes, but they cannot cure diabetes completely. Lok Dai says regular cycling is a wonderful drug for all kinds of physical illness. “Cycling is the panacea of all diseases,” declared Lok dai.   

Even at his 53 Lok Dai paddles regularly and he has already reached to several far-flung destinations with his mountain bike. Very recently, he had undertaken a cycling expedition that started from Kathmandu-Daban-Hetauda-Sauraha-Lumbini-Tansen and ended in Pokhara.

On the occasion of Nepali New Year 2072, there was a cycling competition. The cyclists had to make a circle of Shardikhola. During the cycling there was a river where cycling was not possible. Then, he carried his bicycle on his shoulders for about 45 minutes. There were 45 participants but only   15 could complete the race. Lok Dai was the oldest cyclist in the competition. He always says that he has no interest in winning the competition. It was his love and passion for cycling that takes him to participate in the competition.

For going anywhere in the town or nearby towns, he never uses other means of transportations unless it is urgent. He rather prefers to take his bicycle to visit all the places. If he has some work in Damauli, Syangja or Narayanghat then he does not take a bus but his bicycle. He finds himself more comfortable on bicycle than bus.

Thank you very much for reading this article. I hope you liked this article. I will be glad if you also make a healthy comment to encourage me. Thanks.

The blogger stands beside Lok Dai (right). Photo: ONTOTHEROAD.COM


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  1. Relf Anderson, USA Reply

    I live in US and I lived with diabetes for two years. During this time I continuously fought against the disease but without success.

    After then I took cycling as you did and finally now I am also free from diabetes. Cycling or a regular exercise is the only cure of diabetes. Medicine will make you weak and vulnerable.

  2. Sujeet Bhandari, Pokhara Reply

    This article is very useful for the people who are suffering from Type 2 diabetes.

  3. Petra Roguers, Germany Reply

    Definitely cycling does magic. I live in Germany and I had Type 2 diabetes. After cycling regularly for six months, now I am completely free from diabetes.

    Keep in mind you don’t have to take medicine at all. Those medicines cannot help you get rid off permanently…it is only possible by cycling.

  4. Thaksin Dunpo, Thailand Reply

    You are the warrior in real term. You have achieved what many other people cannot.

  5. Bonipdl Foamia, Philippines Reply

    Have good health and grow. Have success in your life.

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