It is believed that Hindu religion is over 12,000-year old. This should be one reason why in the past many countries were under the influence of Hindu religion. The Hindu religion and along Buddhism was spread as far as Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Myanmar, Mauritius, Japan, China, Korea and Afghanistan. However, the influence of Hindu religion began dying down only after the rise of Muslim kings.

The travelers to Bali, Indonesia can feast their eyes on amazing Hindu temples and the statues of Lord Vishnu and Lord Buddha. These temples and statues of Lord Vishnu and Lord Buddha can surprise every onlooker. There are several stone statues of Hindu gods, which are in different shape and sizes. These temples and the statues of Lord Vishnu and Lord Buddha make the underwater world spiritually lively.

Most of the underwater stone statues are of Lord Vishnu and Lord Buddha. According to the Purana, an ancient Hindu scripture, Lord Vishnu is one of the three major gods, who created this universe. The people of Indonesia have great respect for the Hindu religion. Buddhism is yet another prominent religion, which was founded and propagated by Lord Gautam Buddha.  

Referring to those temples and statues of underwater, many websites and news magazines have reported that those temples are as old as 5000 years. However, this is not true.  

Photo: indiannovain
Photo: indiannovain
Photo: indiannovain


Beneath the calm water of Pemuteran village, Bali, Indonesia, there lie Hindu temples and the statues of Lord Vishnu and Lord Buddha. Owing to wrong propagation of media and websites, many people think that these temples and statues of Lord Vishnu and Lord Buddha are over 5000-year old. But this is not true at all.

Actually, under ‘Reef Gardener Community Project’, which is devoted to environmental conservation program, had begun mega designing of a range of Hindu temples and gods. Hence, the ‘Reef Gardener’ community project started building those rock temples and the statues of Lord Vishnu and Lord Buddha in 2005.

The whole project was a Herculean Task. Highly skilled sculptures of India and Indonesia worked together for years to complete the task. Indonesian engineers meticulously designed those temples and sculptures and gave classical touch. All the temple pillars and columns were designed outside of the water and later they were shifted to underwater. The statues of Lord Vishnu and Lord Buddha were also erected outside. Later they were transported into deep sea to install properly. The completion of the project was an engineering feat in itself.

Chris Brown is the man behind the whole concept of underwater temples. Mr. Brown is an Australian, but he has devoted all his life for the natural conservation and tourism promotion of Pemuteran village.

Once the temples and statues got done, several highly skilled divers of Bali labored for months to transport heavy pillars, columns and sandstone statues to fix them underwater. The task was by no means an easy work. It required extreme degree of precision. After much effort, the pillars and columns were fixed in such a way which looked very ancient and realistic. The temple area covers roughly 2,500 square meters of seabed which is 29-meter deep. Some typical aquatic plants had also been planted around the temples and statues to give a realistic look.

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